Two Years of Fun

Another year has passed since purchasing the Morgan Three Wheeler. It is been fun as well as challenging. The driving experience is like none other and puts such a grin on your, and others, faces tht it cannot be adequately conveyed with my limited vocabulary.

The frustration of trying to get it to stop weeping oil from the front pinion seal has been maddening to say the least. Since our nearest Morgan Dealership is over a thousand miles away it doesn’t make sense to have it transported in a covered truck to the dealer and back at my expense. Once it is there the dealer told me that I still would have to pay the difference in what Morgan pays him and what he charges, and that is a BIG difference. Morgan will not pay a local dealership that knows and is licensed to work on the engines so I do the work myself. Thanks a lot Morgan…

I decided to depressurize the oil tank and let it breathe. I found a shop in Pennsylvania , Morgan Custom, that is building custom oil tanks for the Three Wheeler. It works like a dream. The oil tank cap nolonger leaks, the crankcase breather hose on the tank nolonger leaks and the crank pinion seal weeps less. A big win win and I get an oil pre-heater built into the tank and a sight glass for oil level checking and oil clarity. Also from Morgan Custom his excellent fuel distribution system. It puts the fuel filter BEFORE the injectors and adds an adjustable pressure regulator. He uses AN fittings and very robust fuel lines for the modification. I also added a repositioned crank case breather tube and rerouted it so there were no low points in the path to the tank.

I also added the Phil Bleazey Bevel Box mount which eliminates the NVH Kit. Another great thing since it makes drive belt adjustments more reliable and the clutch feel much more solid.

I added several gauges for oil temperatures in engine and Bevel Box and added a real fuel gauge and a real oil pressure gauge. I also added a real decent battery, an AntiGravity LiOn unit with lots of CCA and much lighter in weight. Expensive but worth every penny.

I also added the Stage 2, 569 cams and Roller Rockers, to the engine and changed the locked ECU from MMC to a G56 Emerald ECU that does not lean out the engine to comply with pollution specs. It runs MUCH BETTER.

While waiting on parts I added a different steering wheel, just for looks.

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